Hey all, I'm the Gazeboist, named for the legendary foe of Eric. Of course, I am not Eric. That story is older than I am. My true name is my own; I will not give it up so easily. Of course, there are a couple links on this site to my code, which hints well enough to who I am that anyone who knows me can probably figure it out. That's ok.

I'm a college student, of sorts; I study physics and computer science and have not yet decided whether to pursue one, the other, or maybe both (or neither, I suppose). In my spare time, I have been known to write, to design and play a wide variety of tabletop games, and to develop Strong Opinions on a wide variety of subjects.

In any event, here are some notes on the site's technical side:

  • It's running on a Fedora 24 virtual machine sitting on top of an impressively complicated software and hardware stack on which I have admin privileges but for which I am not fully responsible.
  • My webserver is a pretty basic Apache httpd server (that is what they and Fedora call it; almost everyone else calls it Apache or Apache2), modified as needed to support the various bells and whistles on the site.
  • The main body of the site is generated from a pile of rst files by Pelican, with a slightly modified version of the Brownstone theme (largely to translate it out of French), which I call Granite.
  • Comments are will be provided with Isso a comment system of my own devising, which allows me more direct control, and prevents me from having to deal with Disqus. Honestly, fuck Disqus.
  • Pelican and Isso are both written in Python, a language that remains popular despite my frowning at it.

Elsewhere on the internet I have been known as unbeliever536, Guy (I'm in the process of retiring this handle), and nyarbin.

Also, for the record, I swear quite a bit sometimes. I don't mean anything by it, and elsewhere I try to turn it down, but this is my site and I can do what I want, so don't be surprised.