A Terrible Plan

Posted Wed 07 September 2016 Author The Gazeboist  | Category : Code

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As you may have noticed, this blog does not currently have comments. This is because I'm not happy with any of the available commenting options. The site is built by pelican, which does have two comment plugins. Unfortunately, they both require that commenters use email to comment. This is terrible. Pelican also has nice disqus integration, but it is well known that disqus sucks. Also, disqus is not self-hosted. Wordpress comes with a comment engine that is self-hosted, but I've heard terrible things about it from people who have tried to modify it (I'd like to be able to allow comments in rst and/or markdown). Plus I'm already using Pelican. I was going to use Isso, but Isso doesn't use gravatars, requires that I install several things in the Node.js ecosystem, which I would rather not go near if I can avoid it. So. I can't find any stand-alone self-hosted comment systems.

Thus, I have decided to roll my own. I mean, how hard can it be? I'll be writing it in Perl, because I like perl and it has libraries for most of what I need. My progress will be blogged, and the result will of course be linked on this site. In the course of things, I may wind up building my own rst/markdown parser, as the ones that exist in Perl are rather stale. Otherwise it should be pretty simple, mostly just a matter of plugging existing libraries together and getting it all running under an apache module.

Good luck me, I guess.

(I'll also be blogging about other things in the mean time; once I have a proper comment system I'll be reposting old things for discussion, assuming they're still timely)